Book yourself for the biggest ADX meet in the dentistry industry

The ADIA and the ADA NSW are coming together with a remarkable event for the whole dental industry. At Adx Sydney 2022, you will learn from the top notch speakers and exhibition along with the enjoyment at social events.

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Adx event Sydney 2022 will happen in March from 17-19 and it will be combined with Sydcon22, an international conference connecting dentistry arranged on 16 and 17th of March, where you will hear experts from different parts of the world sharing their knowledge on different aspects of dentistry.

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ADX Sydney-One Of The Longest Trading Hours Dentistry Event

ADX Sydney is well-known as one of the longest trading hours dentistry events, with being a dentistry event for almost 36 hours. Starting from 17th March 2022 (Thursday) afternoon with continuing till 19th March 2022 (Sunday) evening.

The largest dentistry event in Australia in the coming six years will grow.
Till now, there has not been a more important time for the dentistry profession to come together and connect with the dentistry professionals.
Book a time at the ADX Sydney 2022, meet the specialists and see all the latest and specials in the event.


How To Book A Seat For Attending The ADX Sydney Event?

There are different websites providing a link to book the ADX Sydney event. But, while booking a person should take care of any fraudulent activities. For suggestions, don't book the event from any other websites, for discount benefits or anything else, but only book it from the official website or the link directing to the official website to be safe.

If you face any other questions or queries, for booking the ADX event please contact us through any means (call or email).

Note: Please book the required seats as soon as possible, as the ADX Sydney event is close and the registration can stop or the seats can get filled by anytime.


Why To Book (Reasons To Book) The ADX Sydney 2022?

If you are a dentist or in the dentistry profession, the ADX event will be the best place for you. You will get to know about the latest and never released dentistry techniques from the experts. You will get to attend the dentistry exhibition and conference.

The conference can be a platform for all the dentists, for some of them to give knowledge regarding dentistry techniques and come in the spotlight. On the other hand, for others it will be an opportunity to learn the latest dentistry technologies and meet the top dentistry professionals.

On the other day, the exhibition day, the dentists can get to meet all the others in their profession. It can be the day/place for the dentists wanting to get into the spotlight, without having any topic to give a speech on. The wanting dentists can become a sponsor at the event and have their own counter/window to display their achievements, their name, their clinic's name and whatever they want to.

What Are The Highlights Of The ADX Sydney Event 2022?

There are a few highlights about the ADX Sydney Event to be kept in mind.
The highlights of the ADX Event are it's trading hours (17th March 2022, Thursday, 12 PM to 8 PM, 18th March 2022, Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM and 19th March 2022, Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM).
Some more highlights of the event are, being known as the Australia's premier dental event, known as the longer trading hours dentistry event, has an exhibition space of around 13,500+m^2, known to have business focused learning labs, known for the facilities of women in dentistry breakfast and also for the Australian Dental Industry Awards 2022.

What Are The Entertainment Going To Be In The Event?

The ADX Sydney 2022 is known for various events such as the SIDCON22 gala event cocktail party, A Night in Wax' recent graduates’ party at Darling Harbour’s Madame Tussauds and also for the SIDCON22 Golf Day.

This is a brief guidance regarding the ADX event, if you want any other details regarding the event please contact us on the website or directly to our email address.

benefits Of the Service

Join the event if you are a part of the dental industry and wish to learn a lot about your profession. This is a great platform to connect with top class dentists and experts coming from all over the world.

Few benefits of joining this exhibition are.


It is always a good idea to spend leisure time with colleagues and friends from the same industry talking about matters of your interest. So, give yourself a good treat by being a privileged member of the industry and have some fun time in style.


There is nothing like enough knowledge in any profession. This place is a good way to enhance your knowledge about industry and also get knowledge about other aspects of this industry that may help you in expanding your work.

Technology update

No, you are not getting only lengthy lectures but all the technology updates in the industry will be exhibited at large scale. And what’s more exciting is that you can buy the latest technologies from the fair of ADX 2022 and update your own clinic. Technology is the key to surviving in this era.

Be a star

This event is meant to share knowledge and connect to the world. You will surely take home a lot of knowledge from different experienced people but along with that, you can share your valuable ideas. This is a great platform to communicate and impress the industry with your knowledge


Adx event 2022 is a great place to connect. Through Adx Sydney, the dental industry is trying to come closer and enhance their knowledge with experience sharing.


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