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Clickbiz Dental Marketing in Australia reliably does the social discussions around your dental clinic inclinations to assist you with increasing better dental clinic bits of knowledge and find potential chances in your dental clinic website.


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    Dental marketing is not a cost; it’s an investment

    Communication in the dental sector has opened new frontiers. We offer you dental marketing Australia strategies and tools that achieve your goal: to increase new patients. 

    A dental office, like any other business, must generate profits. The person, who leads a quality dental office, as well as being a good doctor, must be an entrepreneur capable of making his business work best. ClickBiz Dental Marketing, the best dental marketing agency Australia, is able to offer you specialized consultancy to plan and implement a strategy for self-promotion and optimization of the management process of your dental practice, calibrated to your specific needs.  

    What can ClickBiz do for you?

    Digital Advertising

    Digital Advertising allows you to reach your company’s target audience faster and more effectively. We believe that there is never one rule that fits everyone, and we never take anything for granted; this also applies to the choice of advertising platform. And this is why we are not attached to a specific channel, but we work indifferently on all platforms that allow you to advertise online: from Google Ads campaigns to Bing Ads, from Facebook to Instagram Ads, from Pinterest to Youtube Ads, without neglecting the programmatic platforms.

    We then choose the most suitable channel or channels based on the company’s objective and the service to be promoted in relation to the target to be reached and naturally on the budget and investment allocated by the customer.


    A well-designed and aesthetically well-designed website is important, but it is insufficient to obtain visibility and contacts. SEO optimization interventions and activities carried out in the medium/long term by a specialized agency allow not only to have correct indexing in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) but also to obtain a flow of quality traffic and potential customers to the company site.

    Our dental marketing agency Australia made up of professionals and SEO Specialists with years of experience, studies search engines and analyze people’s behaviour to intercept their needs and provide them with specific answer. We develop Search Engine Optimization strategies capable of helping companies gain visibility on the organic SERPs of search engines and, at the same time, favour their conversion. Furthermore, through SEO activities, we work directly and indirectly to improve the brand’s reputation and the company’s reputation.

    Social media management

    Social media management has been designed for all dental practices that need to strengthen and enhance the aesthetics of their image on the web and on the main social networks. Stop wasting your precious time creating content on your social pages in an amateurish and counterproductive way.

    Our team of Content Creators thinks, creates and publishes the content for you professionally and effectively. With the aim of GROWTH, we manage your social pages (Facebook and Instagram) professionally, creating valuable content in line with your business goals.

    Lead Generation Advertising

    Advertising is the fastest and most effective method of acquiring new patients. With the aim of scalability, we structure advertising campaigns by agreeing on an advertising budget according to the needs of your dental office.

    Once the budget has been agreed upon, our specialists will build advertisements with a high conversion rate on the main social networks, which will refer to a sales page and convert visitors into paying patients. With this objective, we are achieving extraordinary results with new contacts/patients starting from 3 euros of the advertising budget. Discover why ClickBiz is the leader in marketing & communication for dental centres in Australia

    Experts in the medical field

    ClickBiz already helps dental and medical centres generate more patients, which happens every month.

    Revenue increase

    At ClickBiz, the only measure of success is the increase in YOUR income! All the tactics we offer aim to increase your revenue and profitability.

    A turnkey approach

    We take care of everything so that you can do what you do best: care for your patients!

    Low investment

    We know the reality of the commitments and resources implemented when the centres were created, so we offer you an affordable investment structure.

    Recognized expertise

    Our experts are regularly invited to share their points of view on medical forums and blogs, in the specialized press, and on various social networks.

    Short and long-term results

    We combine several dental marketing Australia approaches with the aim of generating new patients in the short term while maximizing your results in the long term.


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