Clickbiz Australia Is Now an Official Member of ADIA

Clickbiz Australia Is Now an Official Member of the Australian Dental Industry Association

Dental marketing is beyond advertising, and it is something dental practices in Australia need to understand. If the sole concern of your dental practice is on advertising strategies to attract new, one-time patients, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits.

Dental Marketing Australia encompasses all interactions between a dental practice and its patients. Sometimes, dental marketing even covers how your receptionist answers the phone or the details of the dental services you provide. By making use of ordinary yet powerful cues such as the aura of your waiting room, etc., dental marking sets a genuine image of your dental clinic in the minds of your patients.

The demand for dental services in Australia is at an all-time high, especially in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney. In support of our statement, here’s the demand pattern of dental services in Australia, published by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCH):

Demand Pattern Stats of Dental Services in Australia

  • Demand increased by an average of 3% per year from 1994 to 2005.
  • The Medicare Chronic Dental Disease Scheme (CDDS) program was implemented in 2007, producing a 3.5 per cent increase in dental demand.
  • CDDS was abolished in 2012 and was replaced by a scheme that would cost $4 billion over six years.
  • Between 2013 and 2018, this is 33% less than the $1 billion spent on CDDS.
  • Estimated suggested that demand would have risen at the rate of 2.51% a year up to 2020.

So, the key takeaway here is to get your dental marketing strategy for your dental practice in shape. And that is where Clickbiz Australia, now a member of ADIA, comes into play.

Clickbiz Australia: Vision & Mission

Clickbiz Australia makes affordable dental marketing a reality. It specializes in the deployment of holistic digital marketing solutions for Australian dental practices. The results-driven digital services are spread all over the web, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO best practices, and more.

On a mission to procure you humanitarian aims and financial gains, Clickbiz Australia promotes your dental practice beyond your immediate vicinity so that you don’t have to miss out on patients outside your nearby areas.

To accomplish your goals with an effective marketing plan, Clickbiz Australia sets off campaigns on Google and all the major social media websites. It helps your dental clinic reach new, relevant audiences. Besides, Localized Keyword Research based on stats and metrics is utilized to give you an edge over the competitors.

You’re always involved in the promotion of your dental practice when it comes to Clickbiz Australia. You’re the final person to give a green signal to a campaign or an Ad after all the data is optimized to an advanced level.

Significance of ADIA

ADIA is an umbrella business association showcasing manufacturers and suppliers of innovative dental products. Founded in 1925, Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) incorporates dentistry-related firms of diverse sizes ranging from multi-billion dollar companies to small home-owned dental businesses. The collective goal of this association is the growth of associated individual businesses, job creation, and provision of top-notch quality dental products and services to dentists Australia-wide.

The vision of ADIA is to enable oral health professionals to bring revolutionary changes in the health infrastructure of Australia, thus bringing quality health services within the grasp of all Australians.

ADIA is the Lifeline of the Australian Dental Industry

ADIA has the resources to deliver a comprehensive range of services that allow member businesses to grow, create jobs, and operate sustainably, all thanks to the high level of support and engagement it receives from the industry. ADIA member businesses supply more than 95 per cent of the dental products supplies in Australia, giving it the resources to deliver a comprehensive range of services that allow member businesses to grow, create jobs, and operate sustainably. ADIA’s industry support also puts it in a leadership position, with parliamentary and departmental stakeholders looking to ADIA for authoritative policy advice and direction.

Businesses that allow their employees to volunteer and work on the ADIA Board, national committees, state branches, and special interest groups are ADIA’s most valuable assets. Together with the expertise and leadership offered by ADIA employees, this has contributed to ADIA’s long-term growth and knowledge capacity to support its members and the whole dentistry industry.

Other critical organizations affiliated with ADIA include the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AusChamber), the International Dental Manufacturers Association (IDM), and the Australian Made Campaign, as well as the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham) and the Australia China Business Council.

Clickbiz x ADIA: A Boon forAustralia’sDentistry Fraternity

Clickbiz Australia as a member of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA), now has access to an extensive benefits program that empowers ADIA member businesses and their employees to benefit from an ever-expanding catalogue of products and services.

The key benefits are as follows:

  • Exclusive right to participate in policy discussions and deregulation efforts.
  • Access to the most recent market research and industry statistics is completely free.
  • Discounts on a variety of training courses and industry-specific skills programs are available.
  • Access to exhibition booths on priority and discounts.
  • For sponsorships, reception of priority access and preferential pricing.
  • Special interest groups provide an unrivalled opportunity to gain sector-specific information.

What to Make of It!

Given the benefits of ADIA membership, now Clickbiz Australia is more effective than ever in providing dental marketing services that stick! With special access to industry-specific skills, market research, and industry statistics, Clickbiz can provide an excellent foresight to dental practices seeking efficient and affordable dental marketing services.

The refined SEO strategies, devised in collaboration with ADIA and used by Clickbiz to outshine the competition in Google search engine rankings, can prove marvellous for dentistry-related businesses of all scales.  The leadership, strategy, advocacy, and support that Clickbiz Australia receives from ADAI are genuinely a boon for up and coming dental practices.


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