Adx Sydney dental exhibition

An outstanding platform for the dental industry is being launched by ADA and ADA NSW together in the month of March, 2022. This Adx Sydney dental exhibition 2022 is for all the people of the dental industry whether they are a member of ADA or not.

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The Dentist ADX platform is for knowledge sharing, connectivity and leisure but what is there for your business? Even after providing outstanding services to the visitors, advertising is the prime need for all professions and businesses. The ADX darling harbour is the right place to market your name along with all the knowledge you take home.


How to make it Beneficial to you


Join the party

Join this event to be in touch with the others in industry and become a popular name. Joining such an event and interacting with people will not only enrich your knowledge but also expand your circle. This is a great resource to make your business grow.


Arrange Exhibition

this exhibition is for the dental industry and each member can contribute the knowledge. If you have something good to exhibit, reserve a place for yourself and let everyone know about your distinct knowledge. This exhibition is a direct marketing where you practically exhibit your knowledge and come into the eye of everyone.



Sponsorship is another way of marketing: Sponsors make the event happen and what they get in return is marketing. If you have nothing specific to exhibit at present, sponsorship can still display your clinic’s name at this huge event and you can come in the limelight. When it is your industry’s exhibition, it’s the right place to display yourself as much as you can.

What to be Expected in this Event

This combined event is full of knowledge sharing and social events. You are the one who always holds the flag of your clinic’s name and advertises it so this is the opportunity where you and your team can get the attention. The exhibition is a kind of trade fair so you can buy the latest technologies that you feel are important for the well-being of your visitors.

The exhibition has different events and the trade fair is absolutely free for everyone. If you are a member of ADA, you have the opportunity to get other events’ registrations at lower fees. Even the early booking gets a discount. When opportunities are showering, all you need to do is to catch the maximum of it.


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