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A web marketing for dentists: your dental office is a “brand.”

Whether you own a clinic or are a professional dentist with a practice, you need to start thinking about your business or company as a brand. Like any brand, you must show yourself on social networks, make the brand and your services are known and attract the right customers to retain them. If you are unsure how to cope with all this, don’t worry, our Dental Marketing Perth Australia for dentists helps! 

This can get very frustrating if you feel alone and overwhelmed managing your communication.  

When our Dental Marketing Melbourne agency encountered our clients with dental offices or clinics, they didn’t have time to deal with it. That’s why you should consider delegating this work to an agency like ours or a professional. We apply a series of technical actions guided by analyzes and tests that give tangible and quickly verifiable results.  

If you want to increase the number of appointments your potential patients will have in your office, you should start considering applying it.

Choose Web Marketing for dentists to find new patients

A dental centre must implement some examples of Dental Marketing Australia actions immediately. 


if someone searches on Google Maps in your area, is your studio there? It seems simple, but if you think about it, it allows you to be found even by potential patients who, despite living nearby, are unaware of the existence of your practice

Creation and maintenance of websites for dentists and dental clinics

You need a website that is simple to manage (for you), easy to navigate (for the user), adapts to different screen sizes and therefore is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones; above all, you need an indexed site to help you find new patients. It would also be perfect if your site had a blog section to improve its indexing and help your potential client find information about the treatments, services, and techniques you use.

You would reach Nirvana if the Facebook Pixel and the Google code for Google Analytics were installed on your site to monitor your visitors’ behaviours and study the most suitable Dental Marketing Sydney strategy.

Creating and managing a page on social networks and Ads management

in a dental clinic address a wide audience, and this audience probably spends most of its time on social media. Investing in social media means taking advantage of these moments of attention from your potential customer, showing interesting content that leads them to have contact with you.

The most suitable Social Network for a dental clinic is certainly Facebook for the age of target audience, which usually ranges from 30 years onwards, but also Instagram and Google MyBusiness (which will now be called Business Profile on Google).

While if you want to find suppliers or business partners, we recommend Linkedin. Obviously, it’s not enough to publish posts on the page of your dental clinic to hope for results; you also need to create ad hoc advertising campaigns: Facebook ads (sponsored links and posts), Google, Instagram, etc.;

4 Types of content to create for the communication of your Facebook page for dentists

Increase brand awareness with dental marketing 

In your posts on social networks, tell your story, the mission of your clinic, the technologies, the techniques used by your team and its qualifications: this will ensure that your potential patient perceives the value of your company and of those who work at his indoor.

Describe your services clearly and simply

Explain the strengths of the techniques used and clarify precisely what services you can offer your patients. It is essential to make the clinic’s services known so the patient understands what problems you could solve.

We will adapt your communication to your business objectives if you aim for quality customers who do not come just for discounted teeth cleaning. Everything must be coordinated and clear.

Tell the stories of your patients: full speed ahead with Social Proof

Telling the stories of your current patients will bring your potential customer closer to your company. Let us always remember that we want to hear other people’s stories.

Use reviews to increase social proof 

The opinion of others is always the best method to convince the potential patient to trust you and make an appointment.

Are they tired of turning to generic agencies and web agencies that promise results but inevitably clash with the peculiarities of the medical and dental sectors? Don’t worry; ClickBiz Dental Marketing is here to offer a wide range of services dedicated to dental clinics and studios to improve their online marketing.


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