The Most Premier Dentistry Event Of Sydney NSW

The biggest dentistry meet, the largest oral health and networking event of 2022 in Australia, a remarkable event of ADIA and ADA NSW, known as ADX Sydney 2022.

This event is the best source for you to learn and enjoy the social events. The best combination of world-class speakers, cutting-edge industry exhibitions and a stellar line-up of social events.

The Adx Sydney Event will be held from March 17-19 2022, the event will be combined with Sydcon22, (an international conference connecting dentistry) arranged on 16 and 17th of March 2022.

On 16th and 17th March you can hear dentistry experts from different parts of the world sharing their knowledge on different aspects of dentistry. With this from 17-19 2022 March you can learn from exhibitions regarding dentistry where you can be a part of the social events.

If you are a part of the dental industry and wish to learn more about this profession you should definitely join this event. This is a great platform for you to connect with top dentists and related experts from all over the world.

Highlights Of The Event:

  1. Combination of two events from 16-19 March 2022
  2. Australia’s Most Premier Dental Event
  3. Long Trading Hours
  4. Exhibition space of 13,500+ m²
  5. Business Focused Learning Labs
  6. Women in Dentistry Breakfast
  7. Australian Dental Industry Awards 2022

Benefits Of The Event:

With joining this event, you can enjoy various benefits, the same are:

  1. Leisure
  2. Learning
  3. Technology Update
  4. Opportunity To Be A Star
  5. Build Connections

What Is There For You?

With this, you must be thinking, what can be the special benefits for you in this event? What can you get here for your business?

Other than getting the knowledge, The ADX Sydney Event 2022can be the right place for you and your business.

Firstly, you can join this event, get in touch with other people in the dentistry industry and expand your circle.

Secondly, you can also arrange an exhibition for the dental industry, and can contribute some good dentistry knowledge you can exhibit and come in the spotlight.

Thirdly, you can also be a sponsor for the ADX Sydney 2022, if you have nothing to exhibit in this event, sponsorship can be a good way to get your clinic in the spotlight.

This event can be said as the right place for any dentist, to display him/her as much as possible.

Fees/Charges For This Event:

The entry for this exhibition is absolutely free, it has different events and the trade fair is absolutely free for everyone. Other than this, if you are a member of ADA, you get the opportunity to get other events’ registrations at lower fees. The early booking of the same also gives a discount.

ADA NSW President Words:

ADA NSW President Dr Kathleen Matthews, said “This event will be a great opportunity to further empower dental professionals and also improve the delivery of oral health for the whole of Australia”.

The ADIA CEO Words:

With this information, The ADIA CEO Kym De Britt, said that he expects that this combined event will gather more than 10,000 delegates, with over the next six years growing this event will be one of the largest oral health events in the Asia Pacific Region.

Contact Us:

If you have any other questions/queries regarding this event you can easily contact us by sending an email or making a call.


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